Envision Amara Ridge

Amara Ridge is a gem, a statement, a signature… a lifestyle that embraces all that Karen is and more. Living in Amara Ridge will mean buying into the location, neighborhood and intended lifestyle that is well captured and envisioned by the Cytonn Real Estate team as viewed in the flythrough.

Amara House Designs & Amenities

Amara Ridge offers two signature home designs that exude elegance and a feel of pure opulence. Its distinct features include a clubhouse with a pool, playground, a gym and an entertainment area offering a perfect recreational setting.

The Classic design
The Contemporary design
The Clubhouse

Amara Classic

A simple view of Amara Classic takes one back to the ancient yet timeless feel of empirical housing structures; giving a true feel of Grecian inspired architecture. The enduring atmosphere brought about by the classic pillars and moldings on the exterior gives one an expectation of priceless Persian rugs and pottery, ancient paintings and sculptures by famous artists and ornate mirrors in the interior.

Amara Contemporary

This design gives more of a modern feel, disregarding historical preferences for pillars and classical moldings and going a simpler yet sophisticated appearance. Exteriors would feature minimal decorative features, choosing to stick to the beams and supportive structures that are necessary to keep the house standing, yet maintaining elegance and class. Large windows and open plans are major features incorporated in the design to give a feel of flexibility and space.

Classic Design Features

Amara Classic is the epitome of brilliant design and a signature lifestyle.

Contemporary Design Features

Amara Contemporary is the definition of chic luxury.