Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I consider Amara Ridge?

    The site is in a unique, serene and convenient location with easy access to:

    • Many international schools such as Banda school, Hill Crest etc
    • Hospitals in close proximity such as Karen hospital and Nairobi hospital
    • Shopping malls nearby such as Galleria shopping mall and the Hub
    • Recreation facilities- National parks, Karen country club etc
    • Easy access to the southern bypass
    • Our prices are competitive and the houses unique in the market. You will definitely make a substantial profit should you decide to resell it in future especially with Bomas convention center coming up.
    • The unit could also fetch you good returns in terms of rentals especially since Bomas will be hosting international events where delegates will definitely require good and convenient accommodation.
  • What other security measures do you have in place?
    • We will have a stone wall with electric fence
    • One gate for entry and exit for controlled access
    • A guard house at the gate with security personnel and CCTV cameras
    • Each house is installed with motion sensors controlled by the owner of the house
  • When did you break ground?

    We broke ground in September 2015.

  • How long will construction take?

    The construction will take approx. 24 months give or take 3 months

  • What legal document will I get?

    We are giving you a sub-lease

  • What is the tax implication should I expect from considering to take up a unit?

    This is squarely dependent on an individual and we suggest that you take this up with your tax advisor.

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