Invest in Amara Ridge

The real estate sector is one of the fastest growing sectors; having emerged as one of the biggest gainers in 2015, a year of unpredictable economic outcomes. Real estate investors turned out the biggest beneficiaries in the year, earning higher returns as compared to other investment options available. It is in this respect that you should highly consider investing in Amara Ridge. Here is why you should:

  • You will have rental yield of 5%
  • Capital appreciation on your property will be 21%
  • Meaning you stand to get a total return of 26%

How to buy the Amara Ridge

Available payment options:
01. Cash Plan

10% of the total cost as a deposit. The remaining 90% in 3 months

02. Installment Option

20% of the total as a deposit, 60% during the construction period. The remaining 20% upon completion

03. Mortgage Option

25% of the total as a deposit. The remaining 75% spread across the mortgage period

04. Zero Deposit

25% of the total to be paid within 6 months. The remaining 75% upon completion


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